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Jacob who?


I'm an accomplished designer and developer hailing from Leeds in the UK. I specialise in creating contemporary visual solutions with a strong focus on user experience. My clients include startups, entrepreneurs, SMBs and household names.

My design style is forward-thinking, minimalist and impactful. I have a track record of solving design problems of all natures and launching highly succesful products and experiences.

I have a wealth of experience, a Masters in design and a work ethic that is hard to beat.

Being shown around Google's Silicon Valley HQ

Being shown around Google's Silicon Valley HQ

I've had an affinity for design since a young age but it was when I was around 12 years old that my journey started. I downloaded Photoshop and before I knew it I was learning the ropes and at the start of something exciting.

Within a year I was designing themes for phpBB forums and album artwork for local bands. Around this time I also began to learn code and aspects of web administration, setting up my own website after purchasing my first domain.

At 18, having finished school, I started my first salaried role as a designer at full-service agency, HOME. A year later I spent the summer interning at an agency in New York. While across the pond I managed to build good contacts via networking which led to my freelance practice being propelled into great success. This is also where my experience with startups began.


Since then I have worked for and with various creative agencies and startups, continued to build my freelance practice, and even worked with The White House.

A lot of what I know has been self-taught and learned the hard way but in 2017, at the age of 23, I graduated with a Masters in Design from Northumbria University. I was accepted to study on this course on the merit of my portfolio and work experience despite not having a Bachelors degree or any formal training.


I am currently accepting new freelance work as well as requests for mentorship.

To get in touch and arrange a free consultation (or just open a dialogue) you can hit the button below.